Necklaces for Every Neckline

What necklace style goes with this top? Is one of our Most Asked Question. Pairing necklaces with various necklines can be a bit tricky, thus why I wanted to share with you few ideas that may be helpful in solving this dilemma.  There are always exceptions (the design of the top, occasion, hairstyle…) to any rule, and you should always stay true to what works best for you.  The key is balance – knowing when you need a thicker necklace, a more subtle look, or no necklace at all



16" necklaces, are perfect to complement a v-neck top. Try any of our 16" necklaces with gems or charms.

Image result for v neck top


Fond - Onyx Bar Necklace

Joyful - Emerald Necklace


The scoop neck can be a little bit trickier. Depending on how low or high the scoop neckline is, there are a variety of options. Most of the time, a scoop neckline needs a necklace, which is why I don’t recommend skipping a necklace altogether. A delicate and dainty chain like our Sunshine Disc Chain is the best option for higher scoop necklines. However, for a more pronounced and low scoop neckline a statement piece, like our best seller the Emily Necklace, that falls right at the neckline will look perfect.                                 

Image result for scoop neck top                       Sunshine - Discs Chain


 Image result for scoop neck top

Emily Necklace -     Kaliada


A long necklace is the best choice to keep the focus on high necklines.  Try our long necklaces like the Moon Kisses Crescent Necklace, or the Oasis Necklace for a pop of color.  

Image result for high neck maxi dress

Moon Kisses - Agate Crescent Moon Necklace


Oasis - Aqua Chalcedony Chain Necklace


Off shoulders top look perfect with lariats and layered necklaces.  Try our Daniella Adjustable Necklace or our Triple Druzy Layer Necklace for a sweet and sexy detail. 

TOPSHOP Ella Off the Shoulder Top

Daniella Adjustable Necklace



Triple Druzy Layer Necklace

Again, think about Balance, and what works for you.  And of course, always feel free to chat with us! 


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