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What KALIADA Stands For:

Jewelry that is:

Loving. Empowering. Inspiring. 


Kaliada is not just a beautiful line of jewelry. Kaliada Jewelry is so much more than just jewelry pieces that  complement a style or look.  Kaliada is a lifestyle founded on the belief that Empowered Women Empower Women.  Love, Empower, and Inspire are the three pillars that support my brand. Love : the love for ourselves, others, and our community. Empower : To encourage women to recognize the power within themselves and share that with others. Inspire:  Inspire others through our words and actions.  We carry out the messages behind each of these three pillars; whether is through donation of time and financial resources to support causes dear to my heart (actively support cancer patients and kids with special needs), or encouraging women to empower one another instead of competing.  I believe that when women join forces beautiful and magical things can happen.

Empowered Women Empower Women

I have been wanting to do an event for women that are always on the "go", so they can pause and take some time for themselves.  We often get so caught up in the day to day routine, or give one hundred percent of our time to others, or other things, that we often forget about ourselves. How much time do we really invest in ourselves  getting pampered, or simply to reflect on who we are, and what we want to make out of our lives?

Couple of weeks ago I hosted my very first women empowerment event.  It was simple, with few family members and friends at my house, nothing fashionably fancy but packed with great vibes and loving intentions. We had such a great night, getting spoiled with an Aroma Touch hand massage from  Doterra Wellness Educator and Mentor Carmelina Gregorio .  We also learned some great makeup tips for women on the rush with Freelance Makeup Artist Katherine Castro . Each of the women also got few Kaliada  pieces to complement their style/look. 


We also did some interesting and empowering workshops, and learned about the importance of writing words of affirmations.  I believe the mind is very powerful, and that pretty much our lives are a reflection of the things (good or bad) we feed our minds with. These cute mini blackboards were perfect to write our  words of affirmation on them and to place them in the kitchen, office, bedroom, or any other place where we can constantly  see our affirmations to program our minds to act according to the repeated words.  

The guests went home with their mini blackboards and a glamourous goody bag filled with samples from other lovely female entrepreneurs/collaborators like Willow and Birch Apothecary. This event was so fun and empowering that I am considering having it again next year at a much bigger scale.


...because loving, empowering, and inspiring others is not fashionable.  It's a lifestyle!

I hope you liked learning a bit more about my brand: its mission, values, and what transpires "behind the scenes".  Here is a recap of the wonderful night we had loving, empowering, and inspiring one another.  Xo-Kally



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