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Is it anything short of magic when you put on a favorite piece of jewelry and instantly become more luminous? I don’t think so, and I believe that experience shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions.  

Not only does this belief inspire the mission of Kaliada jewelry, but it was truly the foundation of the company: When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I adopted the motto, “If I am going to fight this, I might as well fight it with a big smile on my face and wearing my favorite piece of jewelry.”  


Hola! I'm Kaliada (Kally)


After successfully battling breast cancer, I was faced with the question of whether I should return to my former career in business management—or follow my heart by launching a business that would empower other women. It turned out it wasn’t much of a question at all, especially after I discovered my passion for jewelry creation.  

Each day since the 2015 launch of my eponymous collection has only further validated my decision. Through my meetings with other women and my outreach with fellow cancer warriors, I am continually reminded that when we feel beautiful, beauty is reflected into the world.

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For most of us women, there is enough to worry about in the course of any given day. Whether your jewelry is fitting for the occasion should not be among those concerns.  

I create my collection of delicate jewelry to give you options for how to wear the pieces, but all with the same outcome: You will feel effortlessly beautiful wherever the day may take you. 

I love that Kaliada Jewelry Collection helps women feel loved, empowered and inspired—it's that mantra that drives my passion every day. Each piece of jewelry is lovingly made, or curated from other small brands and independent makers while keeping in mind its future owner and all of her magical moments. 



Kaliada Store, located in Warwick, NY, was opened in late 2018. Since the opening of the store, Kaliada small jewelry line has evolved into a socially conscious lifestyle brand with the mission to empower and inspire women to look and feel their best-selves (from the inside out)--through  delicate jewelry, fine gifts and pretty details from small women-owned businesses and brands committed to social good, beauty, and inspiration.    

 From the moment you walk into Kaliada store, you are immersed in a shopping experience that indulges your senses as envisioned by owner Kaliada (Kally) Padilla.

Kally created the concept for Kaliada store to be an extension of her Jewelry line and to be the perfect place she would like to shop inspired by her love and passion for beautiful details and elegant style.


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