A peek inside my Travel Bag

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A peek inside my Travel Bag


I couldn’t be more excited! My husband and I are going on a family vacation to Europe.  I’m in joy because we are leaving in a few days.  I’m ready to check this trip off from the list of the things I want to do to create memories with my kids.  For those who don’t know my story, 7 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, I’ve been living every day, every week, every month and every year as it was the last one. This health challenge has made me see life in a different perspective, and it has also made me feel like if I am living under a timing bomb.  Being able to make this trip with my husband and my two kids is a blessing. I will forever be grateful to God for his Mercy. Ok, ok let me stop before I get emotional. 🙂

I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures of the cities we will be visiting.  It will be so fascinating to see the Changing of the Guards in London, taking a Gondola ride  in Venice, have a romantic dinner by the Eiffel Tower in Paris…and so on.  Follow along via Instagram for some snaps of our trip!

Here’s what’s in  my travel bag:

It is travel season and I have been asked by friends and customers for suggestions on what essentials to carry in a travel bag. This trip came in a perfect time to share some of my must-haves.

Camera, Notebook and Pen:  What’s a vacation without a camera to cherish the memories down the road.  I will bring back so much inspiration. I cannot wait for you to see it come to life in my jewelry design collections.

Jewelry: I definitely need a dainty piece to complement my day/casual look, as well a statement piece for night time. I’m taking the Single Pear Labradorite  Earrings, one of my favorites.  I can wear them day and night. I’m also taking the Deep Blue Agate long Necklace that I can pair with my jeans and blazer, the Natural Druzy Cuff as a statement piece for my night attire,  and the Druzy Hematite Necklace as my everyday casual necklace. Any gold tone stud or small earrings will pair perfectly with any of these two necklaces and the statement cuff.

Sunglasses: Sunnies, and few of them.  I love wearing sunglasses!

Summer Cooling Spray: It’s going to be a cool 96+ degrees in Rome so I’m packing my favorite natural handmade Summer Cooling Spray from Carmelina Gregorio. This cooling Mist is made with witch hazel, Lavender, Peppermint and a hint of Clary Sage Essential Oils.

Lip Balm: I need to protect my lips while enjoying the summer rays in the beaches of Barcelona, so I’m taking the  wonderful Willow & Birch Apothecary  All Natural Cocoa Mint lip balm, in addition to the sunblock of course.

Did I miss anything? What’s in your travel bag? Share by leaving a comment.

Wishing you an awesome Summer! Xo


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