How To Look and Feel Your Best During the Pandemic

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When You Look Good, You Feel Good: Important Self-Care Resources on how to look and feel your best during the pressure of the Pandemic.

While no one wants to feel they’re all dressed up with no place to go, the act of cleaning up, getting dressed, and being “on” has positive mental health benefits – even if you never stray too far from your pandemic bubble! Whether you’re working from your house, vegging from your apartment, or making some socially-distanced outings, looking your best will help you feel your best, improving your outlook, your mental health, and even your attitude! Self-Care gifts for yourself or others can also brighten dreary days. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, visit our gifts and accessories online section.

Dress to Impress

Make an effort to put on the make-up, straighten the hair, and wear actual zip-up pants at least once a week to make sure your pandemic junk-fooding hasn’t gotten too far out of control. The act of looking your best has proven benefits to your self-esteem, your sense of self, and your level of happiness. Whether you’re watching movies with your family and dog or visiting a friend for an outside six-feet-apart brunch, when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you’re going to feel better about yourself than you would if you’re once again on day three of the same PJs. According to Everyday Health, this approach can help ensure pandemic fatigue doesn’t turn into pandemic burnout. 

Dump the Bad Food

We’ve all been giving ourselves a pandemic pass on eating habits, but continuing the path of comfort food and unhealthy dietary choices is not going to do any of us any good over the long haul. In addition to junk food making you feel blah, it can also lead to feelings of sadness and desolation. Depression-fighting foods that are also extra good for you include avocados, fatty fish, bananas, and yogurt, among others. Replace the chips and cookies with some of these superfoods and see how much better you feel inside and out! Also, remember to drink enough water. According to Healthline, dehydration can lead to headaches, dry skin, and a host of other ailments.

Put a Skip in Your Step

It’s time to get up and get moving, even if you need to take baby steps. Start with a walk around your neighborhood, a hike through a favorite recreation area, or splurge on yourself with a fancy new treadmill. Getting back into a regular exercise routine will give you increased energy and willpower to keep up your other healthy habits. Get dressed up for exercise too! Putting on bright colors with flattering lines will make you start seeing the post-pandemic version of yourself reemerge. If you need a support network, join an online fitness group with friends to stay motivated.

Relax and Revive

There’s a big difference between laying on the couch binging movies and participating in intentional, mindful relaxation and rejuvenation practices. In one scenario, you’re tuning out - in the other, you’re tuning in. Make time every day to sit in silence, focusing on your breathing and on clearing your mind of negative thoughts and energy — and include devoting time to keeping your home clean and decluttered. Getting in tune with yourself is a great way to refocus, refresh, and keep you on a positive path.

It can be tough to get and stay motivated during these most unusual times, but giving yourself over to self-care and pampering can give you a brighter, healthier outlook. Eat well, move well, and sleep well. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and recommit to living your best life every single day.  

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