How to help kids get back to school feeling their very best.

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Back to school is around the corner, so are allergies and flu season.  By this time, few years ago,  I would have my medicine cabinet packed with over the counter medicines ready to combat the "germ" season; not anymore! Those who know me, or have been following my brand's lifestyle, know that I am a huge fan of Essential Oils.  My love for the use of Essential Oils started right after my recovery from cancer treatment in 2009, and ever since I have been a  loyal user of Essential Oils in the managing of ailments and overall well being.   Some people would...

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Necklaces for Every Neckline

What necklace style goes with this top? Is one of our Most Asked Question. Pairing necklaces with various necklines can be a bit tricky, thus why I wanted to share with you few ideas that may be helpful in solving this dilemma.  There are always exceptions (the design of the top, occasion, hairstyle…) to any rule, and you should always stay true to what works best for you.  The key is balance – knowing when you need a thicker necklace, a more subtle look, or no necklace at all   V-NECK TOP 16" necklaces, are perfect to complement a v-neck top. Try any...

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Empowered Women Empower Women - Event

empowered empowering women women empower movement

What KALIADA Stands For: Jewelry that is: Loving. Empowering. Inspiring.    Kaliada is not just a beautiful line of jewelry. Kaliada Jewelry is so much more than just jewelry pieces that  complement a style or look.  Kaliada is a lifestyle founded on the belief that Empowered Women Empower Women.  Love, Empower, and Inspire are the three pillars that support my brand. Love : the love for ourselves, others, and our community. Empower : To encourage women to recognize the power within themselves and share that with others. Inspire:  Inspire others through our words and actions.  We carry out the messages behind each of these three pillars; whether is through donation of time and financial...

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Celebrating Puppy Day - Natural Flea Collar Repellent Recipe

Besides offering a beautiful line of jewelry for women to feel special, beautiful, unique, confident... I also like to connect with my customers so I can have the opportunity to offer educational information, tips and ideas that could be of interest, or that fit their personal lifestyle. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, and since then I decided to adopt a more holistic/toxin-free approach. The use of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils is an integral part of my lifestyle. Their benefits are endless in helping our bodies get rid of harmful toxins and enhancing our lives, physically and mentally.  They are also great to use on homemade items from...

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Solid Gold, Gold Filled and Gold Plated. What's the difference?

difference between gold filled and gold plated gold filled gold plated gold plated vs gold filled solid gold

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from my customers is what is the difference between solid gold, gold filled and gold plated. You might have asked yourself "isn't Gold-filled the same as Gold-Plated?". Well the answer is no. The following picture explains in simple terms the differences without getting into technical details, like  % of weight and the processes.     SOLID GOLD: Pure Gold.  24 karat is soft, so typically alloyed (combined) with another metal to hold up for daily wear. Ranges from 14k-24k rating. GOLD FILLED: Thick layer of gold heat or pressure bonded to core of...

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