Waxing Kara Raw Honey Sticks (Choose Flavor)

Waxing Kara Raw Honey Sticks (Choose Flavor)

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Raw Honey Sticks from Waxing Kara are 100% pure, with no additives, flavorings or colorants. Minimal filtering. Straight from the hive, this Certified Kosher honey is raw, delicious and completely real, just the way the bees made it. Eighteen sticks per box. Each stick measures 1 teaspoon of honey.


At Waxing Kara® they make skin-loving Bee Inspired® bath and beauty goods. Their mission is to sustainably handcraft incredible Farm to Body® products using natural ingredients that would not exist without bees. They promote a socially conscious message focused on the importance of bees drawing inspiration from nature’s bounty and the understanding that putting healthful things into and onto your body makes you feel healthy and beautiful.

Social Good. Eco-Friendly. Women-Owned. Handmade

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