Not So Basic Bracelet + Hair Tie (Choose Your Favorite)

Not So Basic Bracelet + Hair Tie (Choose Your Favorite)

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Back to Basics is a statement piece. It looks great alone and mixed in with the rest of your stack.
Made in Colombia


The founders of By Lilla had to choose between not having a hair tie handy when they need it, and the fashion fail of having an ugly black elastic adorn our wrist at all times. In 2009, they decided to stop complaining and take matters into our own hands.

They started to develop a line of bracelets that double as hair ties and the line developed to where it is now, a complete line of hair elastics in a variation of colors and styles for everyone.

REBEL AGAINST THE BLACK ELASTIC, pokes fun at their revolution, their mission to get rid of all ugly hair ties and change the world one beautiful hair tie at a time!!

Ultimately, wherever your 147,890 lost black hair ties went, just hope they’re happy.

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