Gemstone Crystal Soap (Choose Stone)

Gemstone Crystal Soap (Choose Stone)

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Our crystal imbedded soaps include a beautiful piece of crystal. The soaps are created to be clear with a vegan glycerin soap base so you can see the crystal. They come packaged in an eco-friendly exfoliating mitt. These soaps feature a crystal

Crystal Descriptions :

Amethyst is a powerful healing stone, comforting the nervous system and helping to ease tension and fear. SCENT DESCRIPTION: Lush berry and bay leaf scent. Sweet with a citrus edge that makes this fragrance bright and inviting.

Green Fluorite is the stone of renewal and growth. This crystal helps us connect with nature and align. SCENT DESCRIPTION: A blend of sandalwood and leather - with iris and violet to give you a warm, inviting scent.

Rainbow fluorite is the perfect stone for grounding, and letting you get in touch with spiritual energy. SCENT DESCRIPTION: A mix of cedar and vanilla blend together to make a warm scent.

Rose quartz opens you to receive all kinds of love. Helping to restore trust in your relationships. SCENT DESCRIPTION: Black currant mixes with fig to give you a sweet, juicy fragrance. Amber rounds out the fragrance to make it perfect for any season.

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