Trust The Process- Chalcedony & Pyrite Intention Bracelet

Trust The Process- Chalcedony & Pyrite Intention Bracelet

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Trust the process. The Grey Chalcedony and Pyrite Intention Bracelet serve as a daily reminder to embrace your current situation, and see the positive side of it. Everything happens for a reason, and we must trust the process. Grey Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes good will.  It absorbs negative energy.  It brings the mind, body, emotions, and spirit into harmony.  Chalcedony instills feelings of benevolence and generosity.  Ease your self-doubting and be kind to yourself. The Pyrite stone featured on the center of the bracelet symbolizes Strength to remind you to stay strong and never give up. 


It makes a perfect gift to someone you'd love to remind to never give up and stay positive. 




- Grey Chalcedony and Pyrite Gemstones




- Standard size (2.5" diameter)


Please note:  This is a stock photo.  This piece is made with a raw cut natural stone, and as such; imperfections such as cracks, inclusions, or dark areas are to be expectedNo two gemstones are alike, shape and size of stone may vary slightly from the image shown.  Irregularities of color and shape are part of their charm.

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