What is Your Doterra Essential Oil Zodiac Sign?

You already know how we feel about Doterra Essential Oils.
Check out this blog to see how we paired your zodiac sign oil with some of our signature pieces.
Capricorn your patient and caring energy often times leaves you feeling drained. Restore balance and the rhythm of your life with our Cherry Quartz Intention Bracelet.

Aquarius there is no doubt you are an intellectual being, your thoughts are constantly racing! Wear this Crystal Quartz Intention Bracelet to receive clarity and eliminate negative energy.
Pisces, we encourage you to let your inner child energy loose with our bright Amazonite Stud earrings!

Aries pair your Wild Orange Doterra Oil with this gorgeous Abalone necklace. We know your confident and adventurous spirit cant resist!
Taurus wear these elegant Rose Quartz Earrings as a reminder of the romantic in you and your eternal loving energy! 

 Gemini your confident and outgoing energy will be a perfect pair with these statement Labradorite Earrings
Cancer your deep intuition to be an emotional healer may leave you feeling drained. Heal and balance your emotions with the Rhodonite Intention Bracelet.

Leo let us help you show off those creative and confident
vibes with this dreamy Abalone Chain.
Virgo your need to be a perfectionist is relentless, its what makes you so amazing. Unfortunately, this can cause you to be stressed out. Remember to be easy on yourself with these Howlite Earrings.

Libra this dainty blue Amethyst Ring boosts your charming and flirtatious traits that you are known for.
Scorpio you are dominant and confident. Wear our Pyrite Intention Bracelet to remember and enhance these traits. 

Sagittarius your ability to be so optimistic and resilient is astounding! Set your self free of anything that hold you back from being you with these Onyx Point Studs.

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