Top Summer Accessories Must-Haves

must have accessories for summer
Focus on the details with accessories. They inject personality into your everyday by elevating the look of a basic or easy-to-wear outfit. Accessories, even simple ones, always say something about the person who’s chosen them.


1. Pearl Hoops

Pearl Hoop Earrings
Once reserved for the most elevated occasions, we're wearing our pearls every day, adding a touch of classiness to our looks.  Pearls have seen a resurgence since last spring,  but don’t be fooled—these aren’t your grandmother’s dainty baubles or even the precious pearls of season’s past.  Hoop Earrings are still going strong and it’s easy to see why. They’re an effortless way to add some subversive edge to an outfit and when designed with pearls, they instantly look elevated as well.
This spring is a great time to flash those pearly whites.

2. Wicker Crossbody Bag

Cypress Saddle Crossbody Bag

Straw, wicker, and raffia bags have come back with full force in recent years, with even luxury designers putting their high fashion spin on these humble carryalls. They are now as indispensable to summer as linen and ice cream.
 Pair a pretty well made wicker bag with your favorite denim, a comfy sweat set, summer dress, or trousers and a blazer, for a fun and stylish look.

3. Hair Accessories

Velvet Padded Headband-Blush

 Spring/Summer 2021 is big for hair accessories and hats. Everyone chic still wears an accessory in her hair this season. From headbands, pearl hairpins, bobby pins, pearl hair clips, barrettes, flowers, bandanas... It truly seems that the Gossip Girl season is back! The rule is only one: Put a headband on! Yes, a headband is still the #1 key hair accessory trend for spring summer 2021 that you must follow blindly.

Want to look effortlessly beautiful wherever your days take you?

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Leave us a comment!  What's your favorite accessory piece to wear?

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