Introducing Our Revised Logo

So, we got a tiny lil' makeover -- Here's why:

Kaliada small jewelry line has evolved over the years from initially more of a bohemian feel to what we're known for today--delicate jewelry and pretty little "things". Although our name, color scheme, and general brand look and feel are staying the same; our logo had to go through a minor revision to evoke a more classic and feminine feeling--more polished.

The part that strikes deepest in our hearts is that although delicate in appearance; it also communicates something more powerful, which is one of the core values of our mission: Empowerment.   So every time you checkout, online or in-store, you're not just buying a pretty product; you'll be reminded that you're also voting for a socially conscious brand that empowers others through its message and "pay it forward" purpose.

This change will be a gradual shift as we will continue to use past marketing materials and packaging that we have left in stock so they don't go to waste.

So, whether you're attracted to jewelry or simply like pretty little "things" that make great gifts (for yourself or others)--thank you for being on this journey of evolution with us. We hope you agree that the small change on the logo enhances that delicate look and vibe no matter your unique style. 

Leave us a comment below to let us know how much you like the new look! :) 

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